I have a waitlist for new patients of approximately 3 months.


Dr. Vale does not participate with any health insurance companies.  Many insurance policies cover a portion of the visit for out-of-network providers. We recommend that you contact your health insurance provider to determine your coverage before your first visit. Payment in full is expected at each session, so a lengthy turnaround can be an important consideration.

This office can provide billing statements called “Superbills” which contain information commonly needed to submit a claim, including diagnostic codes, the below CPT and POS codes, associated fees, payments received, and physician NPI, DEA and medical license numbers.

More about Out-of-Network Insurance Reimbursement

Questions you may wish to ask your insurance company:

What are my out-of-network mental health benefits?
Is there flat reimbursement rate for each session, or is a percentage of the fee covered?
Can you specify reimbursement for each CPT code, if different?
What is the procedure to submit a claim?
Is there a difference in reimbursement for telehealth v. office visits?
How long is the turnaround time for reimbursement? Paymen
CPT Codes

CPT codes are listed here. For associated fees, please see the Psychiatric Services page.
CPT code 90792 (Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation)
Note above: both the Initial Visit and Psychiatric Evaluation are billed under code 90792
CPT code 99213, +90836 (Combined Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology Visit)
CPT code 99213, +90833 (Psychopharmacology Visit)
CPT code 90839 (Crisis Visit)
CPT 99358 (Review of Medical Records)
CPT 99443 (Phone Calls between Visits)
CPT 99422 (Text and Email between Visits)
Place of Service Codes

POS 10 Telehealth provided in patient’s home
POS 2 Telehealth provided other than in patient’s home
POS 11 In-person office visit